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Spray setup? ()

David Weaver
..but I have a spraying setup that's simple and other than the guns, inexpensive.

* a cheap 15 amp HF oiled compressor (if you can wear it out, buy the warranty for $15 or whatever and get another one in the next 3 years - my first one lasted about 10 years before the pot metal fittings gave up - but the new one has brass - surprisingly tolerant of abuse by overcycling).

* some kind of regulator to have at the gun - which probably isn't essential, and if you're not spraying WB, some kind of moisture trap.

I tried some of the cheaper turbine setups and none of them was as good as an inexpensive compressor and a gun. They are more portable, I guess.

If you have a little bit of patience (enough to set your gun and avoid spraying heavy and getting sags), you'll be surprised how much easier it is than wiping - especially on intricate stuff. you need a bug free and relatively dirt-free area, though - and a decent organic vapor respirator (not expensive) - especially if you spray inside.

I'll defer to others on guns. I've bought expensive asturo guns and several HF guns - the HF stuff is hit or miss (same looking guns bought years apart don't seem to be the same quality in use).

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