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Re: (Roubo) pole lathe dimensions

Wiley Horne
Hi Warren and all,

That is a fabulous drawing in Roubo! Different views in the same plane.

Warren can you comment on one thing. And this may be a dumb question, because I’ve never seen a pole lathe.

It looks like a critical dimension is the diameter of the work piece where the rope wraps around it. My thinking is that diameter sets the rotational speed of the lathe. For example if one treadle throw is about 19”, and if the diameter where the rope wraps around is 1”, then 1 treadle stroke will cause the work piece to turn about 6 times. But if the diameter is 1.5”, the workpiece will turn 4 times to one treadle stroke.

I’m slowly getting to my question: Is there an ideal or typical diameter where the rope wraps around? And how do you arrange for this section to be turned onto the workpiece, before getting to the design itself?

That’s a wonderful finial! Thanks for showing.


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