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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
"enjoy one of those little contests where you try to build a case where pushing one drawer in pushes another one out. Or speculating on how to make one like that where seasonal movement wouldn't have much effect."

Well fit drawers in a tight case will perform this trick if the drawers are lubed with wax and otherwise work smoothly. While I build to "make do" specifications in most parts of a dresser to store socks I spend the time to get drawers fit as perfect as I can get them. The result is a drawer that is a tactical pleasure to open because it opens so smoothly and it won't rack upon closure. When this goal is achieved a drawer closed smartly will indeed open another- unless there are dust panels which I eschew and the case bottom is left open, which I usually do. This feature, while it might be impressive to other woodworkers, is a pain to the owner of the socks. There is little functional benefit to having to close two drawers to get one closed.

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