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David Weaver
Derek, this isn't necessarily directed at your comments, just my observation of things over the years.

My thoughts on furniture are not what is. It's what is to me. there may be consensus builders on the internet (like the knots era when it was popular to claim building the most with the fewest tools and you were seen as a company plant - it was ridiculous), but consensus building isn't in my blood so I sometimes forget that what I find interesting or uninteresting can be interpreted as what others should think. That's a lot like politics to me - I hate politics. It's a way to pre-load an answer or determine that you have no regard for someone else because they don't like what you like. It's really weird.

The first thing I ever built was furniture. I was lukewarm about it, but thought it would catch on. Then, it never really did. I thought the first guitar that I built, when I was done, it might be crap or not work after I wired it and I'd throw it against the wall. But that didn't happen - it was thrilling and it sounded great.

But because I'm not on this knots-like bender that some are that the only thing that counts being built is furniture, I'm already pre-loaded to expect people to think that the tools and the guitars are goofy.


As this thing is getting ready wrap up soon after doors and finish, I'm glad to see it go. If I was good enough yet to build a spectacular archtop guitar (by that, I mean that nobody would look at and think any part of it in proportion or execution or timbre or volume would look remotely amateurish) in 200-300 hours or so, that would be just wonderful. It'll be a while, but it will be interesting to me along the way.

When I'm cutting rows of half blinds and dovetails, it becomes a sport to see how fast I can do them, not how well I can do them. When I cut a moulding like the one on the front of this and out of the plane cuttings appears a hole, if that were a guitar, it would go in the trash. On the furniture, I think, oh well, that's the breaks. I'll fill it with something at the end of this.

I'm glad that the era of knots and the mels of the world (harrassing anyone who he didn't think was building something nice enough, furniture enough, with few enough and low cost enough tools) seems to have disappeared from the forum.

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