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The guitar would depend..

David Weaver
If I made a good archtop guitar, it would probably take a little bit longer than one of your typical (if there is such a thing) projects. I'm working up to that. If I can learn to do tasteful inlay and more intricate binding work, it will add more. I can't gather much from months, but rather hours involved.

An infill plane of decent quality from scratch takes about 80 hours. I'd guess the easy guitars that I'm building are probably 35 - 40? I've never counted it. Fender says 7 hours, but I haven't got their setup.

None of it is short.

The reason that I don't build furniture isn't the duration - it's because of lack of interest. The double case that I"m building probably really isn't that much in total hours - if it's more than 80, I'd be surprised (even with mostly hand dimensioning), but I don't get much of a buzz off of building it and tend to do an hour or two here or there whereas I can get lost for the better part of a day building planes or guitars - until I get in trouble from upstairs.

I'd gather that what you like about the furniture is building it. Or maybe it's that your relatives want it - that's a two for one - if you like both of those. I don't have much demand for furniture and the tools (and using them) and guitars (and playing them) are the double interest.

If I get the urge to build furniture, it'll be a little more on the wacky side - but there's a cheap part of me from around here that thinks I could some really nice chests with uncommon wood in solid and then french polish them and have they look wonderful - and finding someone who wanted them would be difficult. If I couldn't work toward building archtop guitars (which have more use to me and then a stronger market if I decide they don't), I guess I'd consider building something pretty nutty on the furniture side that didn't have very many straight lines on it.

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