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(Roubo) pole lathe dimensions

Steve Voigt
This is mostly a question for Warren, but anyone else, feel free to join in if you have experience with pole lathes. I'm wondering about some basic dimensions: the height of the centers being the most important, followed by the height of the bed, the height of the headstock upright, and the swing. Perhaps it's better to think in terms of these things relative to the user's chest or belt, but I think you (Warren) and I are of similar height as I remember.
I've been watching Peter Follansbee's recent videos, and I'll probably copy his basic design, which is a little simpler and requires less lumber and fewer joints than the Roubo.
I'm not quite ready to start making a lathe, but I've picked out some stock (some very thick beech that's unsuitable for planemaking) and would like to sort out some dimensions so I can start to break down the lumber. Thanks in advance!

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