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William Duffield
Due to a logistics problem (contractor headspace error) on one job we needed to install the cabinets before we had finished the drawers, and didn't have time on installation day to install the drawer bottoms in the drawers on site.

I designed adjustable cams that screwed to the back of the cabinet and stopped against the back of the drawer side. I scroll sawed several from some 1/4" baltic birch and drilled a countersunk hole in the middle of each one. I installed them in the shop. They could then be adjusted on site and fixed in place with a screw driver and a spot of glue (or a couple of brads).

Don't worry about the rectangle labeled "runner". I have no clue what I intended, but I drew this 20 years ago, so I'm not surprised.

The diagram shows one cam overlaid in both full forward and fully retracted positions.

(This method works even easier if you can get access to the back of the cabinet to adjust the cams). Having done them both ways, I highly recommend Bill's way whenever possible.

NB: When restoring an old chest of drawers, if a front mounted stop is lost, there is often enough glue left on the drawer blade that you can guess where to apply a new drawer stop. If you get it set too far forward, you can easily adjust it with a shoulder plane.

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