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Re: same as an option...

David Weaver
..I don't have the iwasakis, but have an assortment now of the nicholson super shears.

They're a little awkward to use on the side cut that I mentioned for the patternmaker's crank neck gouge (the crank gouge makes the whole thing take a fraction of a minute whereas you can end up filing unevenly, etc, and with much more work).

But the super shear/iwasaki type file is an excellent option to fit the side piece to the front miter.

I ended up using the long plane lap with sandpaper on it (a little faster), but admit that's a bit ungainly - sanding off bits of a moulding piece with a fairly small contact area, but you can freehand it a little and check.

The super shear style file is a fantastic tool to have, though.

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