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making my life difficult on the cabinets..

David Weaver
Not on purpose as I drag this build out (just never get motivated to do much continuous work on furniture)......

I neglected to account for the door thickness on the front of the bottom cabinet, which means I need to add a moulding that does it, but I don't want that fat thickness around the side of the cabinet - it would look terrible.

So, the solution is to cut the moulding (this is all by hand, I don't have another way), then resaw the excess thickness off of the pieces, leaving me with this little mickey mouse project on the front (the corner of the moulding needs to meet ahead of the case).

This isn't a huge time soak, just a bump in the road, and though it'll look a little funny, this case is going to be stained dark as night, so it won't matter that much.

Quiz question for you guys guessing on how to trim the side of the cabinet into the flat thickness of this - how would you do it. I know the best answer from doing a lot of roughing work by hand, but it may be useful to you sometime (I can tell you how to do it with two tools - just pushing a flat chisel that isn't extremely narrow into it is a bad idea).

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