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Re: Photographing the Stash for Species ID

William Duffield
I turned on the phone's camera so I could see what I was doing on the phone screen, and set the rear lens down directly on the magnifier (on the ocular lens). Then I set the magnifier directly on the surface of the wood sample and turned on the LED lights built into the magnifier. This was a little too close, and the wood was out of focus, so I dug through my wedge stash and put two of them under the magnifier to lift the objective lens a smidgen away from the sample. (The focus knobs on a microscope would be a lot more convenient, but until my son finds me the right microscope, this will do.) After I have the spacing right to focus sharply on the surface of the sample, I will make a thin wood spacer, and drill a 1" diameter hole through the middle of it, and thin it to the the proper focus.

Later this afternoon, I'll try to get a better picture of my setup.

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