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William Duffield
Yellowheart grows in Brazil, while Anigre is from Africa. I don't think I have samples of either one in my stash. Every so often, I kick myself for not buying a few boards of Anigre from Ellis when he was having his moving sale. I'm reminded again every time I visit Hearne Hardwoods and give his yellow lab, Annie, a rub behind the ears.

Here is the magnifier I use with my iPhone, $13.50 plus shipping from Amazon:


It has a light and batteries and a zippered case. The reticle is 3/4" square and graduated in 1/16" and 0.5 mm. To focus it, you need to put a spacer about 3/32" thick between it and the sample. These samples are bossé, Guarea cedrata, or maybe G. thompsonii, from East Africa.


These pics have nothing to do with Yellowheart. They are just to show you what you can do with a cell phone and a cheap magnifier. They were laying out on my bench and are very photogenic, have interesting, curly figure, so you can get a view of both rift sawn face grain and end grain. They also have lots of shiny stuff in the large vessels. It's silica, which is why I think it is G. cedrata instead of G. thompsonii.

Bossé from iPhone, wetted with mineral spirits:

Bossé with iPhone and 10x magnifier:

Bossé with iPhone digital zoom and 10X magnifier. I lost a bit of resolution because it isn't quite in focus. I'm going to have to work on it.

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