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Different finishing *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
First day warm enough to spray varnish in over a month.

I am becoming fond of Waterlox varnish. Dry enough to handle in 1.5 hours at 85 degrees. Dust-free in not much longer than lacquer on a cold day. I like the color and luster. Dries orders of magnitude faster than P&L 38 with about the same luster and color. Better build than General Arm-R-All. Been experimenting with all of these with gloss and +/- satin mix.

Sand to 220 cherry and 180 walnut. One coat gloss. sand at 400, Top coat of 1 part satin and 3 parts gloss. Sprayed with a 3 parts varnish and 1 part naptha dilution. Result glass smooth. Destined to granddaughter's bed rooms for bed side storage.

Waterlox must have a pile of catalyst in the formulation to cure this fast. Cans inerted with nitrogen after use.

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