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plane vs. sand - khaya

David Weaver
These are big images. Please ignore the color differences and slight misalingnment with orientation in a couple of these. Camera automatically adjusts color, I think (phone) and it's difficult to get orientation identical with time between finishing.

Finish is amber shellac - not going to do a full french polish.

Strangely, this wood as far faster and easier to plane than it is to scrape and sand. Scraping tears up the ribboning and makes it very rough and sanding takes a while. Planing is a two step process - one with a heavy chip and then several passes with very thin shavings.

This is on the lower density side for khaya - intended for guitars, right around 0.5 specific gravity.




I believe the planed wood may have absorbed a little bit more shellac, the opposite of what i see in cherry, and that may also have something to do with the color difference. the dust left in the sanded piece may have impeded some finish absorption.

I was very surprised how much more scratchy (before sanding) the scraped ribboning was than the planed ribboning.

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