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Sgian Dubh
David, I'm aiming for full power tool woodworking in the near future. I've made a start by dumping all my analogue measuring tools. Nowadays, I'm almost exclusively battery powered digital/laser measuring, e.g., digital tape measure, digital rules, digital calipers, laser level, etc. All the batteries have run out though, so I have a problem as we're also in lockdown. In the short term I'm having to use parts of my body, bits of string, pencils, and anything else useful I can lay my hands on.

And for your delectation, CNCd dovetails, the CNCd groove for a tambour, panel cut to length and width too, and the rebate for the back panel in the bottom of a cabinet, also hacked out on the CNC machine - just thought you might get a bit of a kick out of it, ha, ha. Slainte.

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