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John in NM
They are extremely useful for building/remodeling. If you have one with adjustable speed, they might suffice for some furniture work as well.

I favor the more aggressive blades (Harbor Freight of all places was where I saw one with Japanese handsaw style teeth - very useful). In a pinch you can cut through a 2x4 with one, but they really are better for detail work. Only trouble is that the teeth snap off fairly easily, but since I use it mostly in construction that is to be expected. I buy these 20x a time on Amazon and figure they are disposable like jig saw blades.

The one I have is Rigid, because they make lots of different heads for it. Right angle drill and sheet metal shear are the two that looked useful to me (the rest duplicate proper tools I already have). I'm planning to put a new roof on a house soon, that metal shear is going to be very handy.

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