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Re: A novel method for flattening plane bottoms..

Robert Hazelwood
Thanks for description of the process.

Eventually I will be doing this to my #8. It is straight enough down the length but across the width it is convex by several thousandths, such that the corners of the blade protrude more than the center. The center 2 inches are flat enough, so it's still useful for edge jointing but difficult to correct an out of square edge. Not currently useful for face jointing.

I had in mind to use a vixen file screwed down to a slightly curved block of wood with comfortable handles, and then essentially use the scraping process- spotting on a surface plate, removing marked high spots, just with the vixen file instead of a scraper.

I see that vixen files are kind of pricey. I may have up to 0.010" to remove, so if they are faster it is probably worth it.

I may finish it off with a few passes with a hand scraper, because I like the look honestly and because it might reduce friction a bit, or at least hold wax/oil better.

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