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A Moxom vise DUH! *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

I built a small vise just for drawers. Faced with the need to do top rails for a desk cabinet, I used it to cut the tails(see PIC). I do like that the vise raises the work to where it becomes easier to see and saw. The vise clamps the work so securely it takes all the vibration out of sawing. I would have claimed I had no vibration with how I formerly held stuff to saw but moving to this vise proved me wrong. It was surprising how much easier it was to start the saw with no vibration.

Anyway, without thinking, I was sawing the tail outline, then moving the tail piece to the bench vise to make the orthogonal cut to release the waste. Wasted motion. Unexpectedly, the thought occurred to just rotate the piece in the Moxom vise and saw away the waste. (PIC2)

(note: the bright reflection on the top of the rail is a thick piece of quartered ash "veneer" on top of some secondary wood. All the visible portions of the framing elements of this desk will be fine grain quartered ash, which I have very little of. (Ash is now extinct as a commercial lumber species))

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A Moxom vise DUH! *PIC*
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