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Re: A novel method for flattening plane bottoms..

David Weaver
I think I got enamored with faster methods of removing metal (that are cheap) and just completely forgot about it. I think I asked george about it and he suggested a biax if I was going to do much scraping....and maybe it takes more accurate initial work for me to need to consider it.

Those files are kind of like a junk store item. They flex, and cut really well for the price, but they wouldn't be confused for a real swiss file (quality-wise) and the handle is something you'd expect on a dollar store screwdriver (they come off, I put them back on with contact cement). They're a consumable for me, like sandpaper - never feel guilty wearing one out and throwing it away, but I'll be sad if they stop being sold on ebay for $8 shipped.

Never thought about the negative side of their cheapness (not being suitable for a scraper).

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