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David Weaver
I don't do much furniture, but you managed to hit one of the few things I've done a lot (there's a stopped cut like this in a plane, but I do make it all at once since it's OK to go slow on it).

When I cut dovetails in the top case (full length against most recommendations, and for good reason), I got so lazy that I tried different saws due to this. The black stanley tool box saws do well to cut full depth, but even cutting a 12" long socket, they're aggressive and inaccurate and I found dealing with the inaccuracy worse than the lack of speed.

At any rate, I tried several saws and found that accurate is essential, but the back and forth in partial waste removal (doesn't have to be that neat, just run a chisel right across through there with a mallet in one or a couple of passes)

Sloppy or neat, as long as the sawdust can escape, the saw works as expected.

I tried cutting every other tooth out of a cut down saw plate a few years ago when "kerfing planes" were the rage to get such a deep gullet that the teeth could clear, and that didn't work either. In that case, not many repetitions of resawing need to occur to make a kerf unnecessary (just saw to the line on both sides of a board).

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