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David Weaver
facebook will have tracking cookies on your computer. If they don't, ad systems somewhere will have tracking cookies on your computer and share data with them and they'll know what to sell you when you show up on their site as they make far more for targeted ads than they do random ads.

I have advertisements show up on my email account after having a verbal conversation about them on my phone. At one point, one of the phone/TV companies (samsung?) said "no" when asked if they record conversations, but later were asked more directly if they listen to conversations, and as I recall, they can pick keywords from audio (their software can) either from you or other people in the room and direct ads at you.

It's not a conspiracy theory thing - it's a practical money thing - wiki says the ad rate for targeted data-based advertising is 2.7 times as high as general non-targeted advertising. When you consider the amount of revenue that companies make from ads (anyone remember long ago wondering how google made money when they didn't seemingly make or sell anything - I mean like 2 decades ago when it first started?).

Samsung or LG got in the weeds with this with their TVs when they integrated a camera and microphone. The tinfoil hat articles suggested that the TVs were recording people (video) for nefarious use, I the maker gave an inaccurate description of what they were doing with them and later relented that they may collect video or voice even when the TV isn't on. But it's not the CCCP waiting to put someone in political jail - It's a matter of getting lucrative data streams any way you can. If you walk through your living room holding a product and the TV can transmit bits of data and audio to determine what it is and mark you as a user, then all of the sudden, your data is valuable to sell both to the maker of the product AND to their competitors.

Every single thing we do and say and view at this point (or our location, movement patterns) is packaged and sold to people who pay for advertisements.

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