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William Duffield
I like West System. What I like besst about it is the documentation and the research it's developers have done on the applications I use it for. Justin is right, the pumps dispense it is much larger quantities than you would ever need to gluing tools to handles, whether you are making awls, turning tools or knives and machetes. I use two techniques to overcome the expensive waste. (1) I keep an epoxy list of everything that needs epoxy but I have set aside for later because I am too cheap to throw any away; (2) I mix small quantities in small graduated mixing cups that I get from Lee-Valley.


But even these seem to be a big waste if I'm only attaching one handle with a 5:1 ratio of resin to hardener.

Another good quality epoxy is T-88. It is made by System 3, and sold by Woodcraft. But, as John notes, for your application, as long as the joints are clean and fit together without wobble, and you haven't stripped the threads off the handle when installing the compression nut, most 5-minute epoxies from the home center will work fine.

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