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justin ball
The longer to harden, the stronger it is. Also, it will deal with heat better. Personal note: use 24 hour epoxy with motorcycle hot grips. One hour melts when the grips get hot. All mix in some ration. Stir well so each of the little molecules bond up. Comes in different thickness. Some mixes thin for casting and takes a long time to set so all the little bubbles come out. Even the ones you can't see. You can thicken epoxy with sawdust, wood flour. I use sand, bread flour, whatever. Just to get an idea what you're doing, go to the dollar store and buy a bunch of those syringe kits and popcicle sticks and go home and experiment. Use a dollar store ice cube tray to make castings of trapped pennies, pills, dead fly WHY. You'll catch on. Have fun.

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