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Re: scratch awl from scratch

William Duffield
I wrote an illustrated article on this topic several years ago, maybe 18 years or so, according to some of the notes I have. I can't find the article on WoodCentral, but that's not a great loss, as I later developed a set of much better, more accurate and more efficient techniques. I never finished an article on those techniques, for several reasons some of them associated with the frustrating methods of posting pictures and posting articles permanently on WoodCentral, and some of them with the tooling I used and made for the process. Also, most of the most important points of my original method were also independently discovered and documented by Doc Green in his excellent book "Fixtures and Chucks for Woodturning".


and on his web site (This is in three consecutive pages.)


Jack (or anyone else), If you are interested, I can email you an illustrated pdf of my documentation of my original method. However, the figures and photos are all over 100k, so I cannot post them here without further processing.

Explanations and photos of my new, improved method will be quite a bit more work, as it requires a "cart-horse inversion" or two or three, so to speak, in tools and methods.

However, as I am still unhappy with my methods for mounting flat tools and tanged tools in my handles, I have come up with a further improved technique, which I have not yet proven. All the parts for a proof of concept test are actually laying out on my bench, waiting for me to pick up the handle blank, the ferrule, the mandrel and a camera and carry them over to the lathe.

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