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Those errors of bias...
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Errors are great! ()

David Weaver
..i always intentionally put in planes. I just wish I could figure out more biases!

Even if you're trying to do fine work, especially in tools, little tiny errors result in great users (the bias is always bigger than the error) and then the tool still has room to move and be great.

If I have to pick a spot where the mortise will be the slightest open, on the top just where it meets the case is ideal. It's easy to hide. When the fronts open a little bit, it's not so easy to hide. On something like this, I'm not to proud to jam "furniture" crayon in it and call it good a season or two down the road, but I'd rather avoid it.

As far as the biases go, as time went on, each of those little biases went away and the planes didn't fare as well -the user has to put the biases in them (if the iron is flat you can hollow the bed a little bit in the middle, etc).

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