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Re: plane knob dimensions

William Duffield
Mine is a #10 Type 7, built between 1893~1899. It is 12-3/4" long, which does not match any of the measurements in Walter. Leach, however, notes that the length was reduced to 13" in 1887. That's pretty close. It has the low knob. Stanley changed to the high knob in 1919 and cast the ring or receiver in the bed for the knob starting in 1929. As far as I know, the knob dimensions were the same during the same time period for all Stanley bench planes. The #1 might be different, of course, but the #10 and #10-1/2 should be the same as the #4 and #5.

So, you only have two choices. You need to decide whether you want a low knob or a high knob, and then get your dimensions off of any Stanley bench plane of the matching style and time period.

I seem to have a spare rosewood low knob in the shop, but I can't remember what it came from. Very curious.

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