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Re: Help me!! (mouldings on solid cabinets)

Sgian Dubh
Tom, similar is to use slot screws. Put a countersunk screw(s) into the outside of the carcase side. Get it/them to marry up with a reasonably generously long keyhole slot(s) cut on the back face of the moulding, drop the moulding over the screw head(s) through the circular part of the slot(s), and drive the moulding horizontally to engage the screw head(s) with the slot(s). Glue and pin the mitres at the front as I suggested earlier.

However, to me slot screwing does seem a bit over the top for this, as does the arrangement with a similarly locking sliding dovetail arrangement, but all perfectly legitimate and do-able, if relatively time consuming compared to simply gluing and pinning in place. Slainte.

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