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Seasonal allowances

Jim Matthews
I would fix the front to the carcasse, glue and pin the miters.

If there's room at the back, the "return" moldings could be left a little long.
Rather than deal with alignment of what would be very fine (and fragile) sliding dovetails -
would heavier brads be sufficient? If the head of the brad is broad, it will offer clenching power.

Predrilled "slots" for the pin can be made by chucking a same size brad into a power drill, and leaning the drill side to side. This would offer some ease to the squeeze.

If the shaft of the brad is resilient, it should "give" with lateral forces.

I would apply the "floating" side pieces with heavier double sided tape (full length), just below the revealed surface to allow for finish. The pin should slightly pivot the molding toward the side of the carcasse. (Tape slightly below center, pin slightly above center.)

Dunno how long double sided tape will last.


I'm sure someone who has already done this will offer a verified solution.
This is how I would approach it, given time constraints, available materials and budget.

FYI - There is no construct built by Man that a teenager can't randomize.

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