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Re: before this gets too long (already did)..

bridger berdel
I've had a hundred or two of chisels to set up and use, ranging from new cheapies to a variety of vintage. A lot have come in pretty rough condition, so I've gotten comfortable grinding. I have found that a long shallow primary is a good way for me to discover where I want to end up, bevel-wise. I'm generally chasing past a bit of back bevel, whether from some past sharpening error or just wear, so the whole tip end gets a reshape. The long flat shallow bevel will fail soon, giving me some info about the steel and the rehone at the tip is quick and easy. Soon the angle of repose as it were reveals itself. I think i end up with something similar to your rolled edge just from my freehanding on stones. I haven't buffed an edge in years- I'll have to pull out that stuff and give it a bit of a play.

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