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Re: Plastic feeler gauge is more like it...

Steve Voigt
Dave, the chisel was a bit chippy, but I raised the bevel a bit and I *think* it was fine. I'm hedging because I haven't put it through any heavy paces--perhaps I've been treating it a bit too gingerly. I'll resolve to give it a thorough workout later this week and get back to you.
So, I don't think it's a strike against your method…but rather just a slight mismatch of hardness to final angle.
Something the Internet gurus never talk about (when they are recommending some very specific angle that you should sharpen all your tools to) is the relationship between sharpening angle and control of the tool, especially when making freehand finish cuts. I remember that when I first tried your chisel, I was paring the cross grain chamfers on a couple planes, and the tool sailed through the material more easily than the pre-war Marples I normally use. I was pretty excited, but as mentioned, it didn't hold up to continued use, so I had to sacrifice some of that ease of use by raising the bevel a bit. I think that's entirely a positive thing, finding the failure point and then adjusting the freehand sharpening technique accordingly.
I don't really have anything useful to say about the rolled edge technique…I am still wondering though, if you think the important thing is the geometry, or the medium of your buffing wheel/rouge. In other words, is it replicable on stones alone. I look forward to further investigations, as I get the sense you're just getting started… ;)

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