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Steve arrives with his wrench...

David Weaver
..throws it in the spokes as I'm riding by on this experiment :)

I think steve may have told me this order of events, but I didn't remember it properly because there was a complicating factor...but he *did* find my chisel edge chippy.

I tempered the chisel (that nobody probably remembers now, but it was made of a file and had a pretty gross bolster) as hard as I could stand (the first attempt or two left the edge very chippy, and the last one before I sent it was at the upper end of what anyone would tolerate - chasing a chisel that wouldn't hold a wire edge).

So count one against my sharpening method (but it may really be a count against me as a crappy tool maker) - if steve is leaving a chisel finish on planes where facets are cut,any lines at all will be easily noticed and not tolerated.

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