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Steve Voigt
Dave--the numbers you report seem consistent to me with the difference between the performance of the two cap irons.
Wiley--I would say the answer is no, because Dave is probably already accounting for the slightly steeper business end on the Butcher by setting it a bit looser. The issue is (I think) not the final angle, but what lies above it.
The instructions for sharpening super surfacers blades have made the rounds here a couple times. I don't have them in hand, but IIRC they are pretty specific about the size of the secondary bevel on the chipbreaker--0.3 mm. This is also the size (length is probably a better term) in the KK video. My experience is that it's worth taking this seriously. That's not to say that a length of .4 mm is going to cause a problem, but exceeding it by a factor of 3 or 4 is going to yield different results.
Dave's numbers for the Ward are right in this ballpark, but for the Butcher they aren't. So that's the first thing I'd look at.
The second thing is that on a good British double iron plane, the difference between the bed angle and the wear is about 30°. So if the cap iron doesn't get to sub-30 pretty fast, there are going to be problems. It may not actually choke, but if it takes effort to force the shavings out of the escapement, that is added force that the user will have to supply. I suspect that is the issue here, though it's obviously hard to say without being there.

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