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David Weaver
I don't really know. I set them both about the same - absolute tearout elimination isn't the goal with the try plane, but reduction to an amount that doesn't cause the shaving to separate or vary in thickness is (which correlates to about the amount that will be removed smoothing, anyway).

I could play with it a little longer, but that said, it always seems easier and more forgiving to me to keep less metal in the way of the shaving (there's a wider range of seemingly similar function).

I measured the cherry shavings that came off of the better performing of the two planes in this case (it never bulled me to a standstill with too heavy of a cut, but I wouldn't want to go heavier) and they were .01 to .014 in thickness with the thickest showing a little bit of chatter (i haven't fitted the old plane).

I have long thought that there's a productive amount of chatter for heavy work (where a plane is easier to use with that kind of shaving than an absolutely tight locked down plane ), but that's a road I'll go down a different day. Planes set like that can be really loud. Unintentionally.

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