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Re: studying edge failure...somewhat obscure

David Weaver
It's probably a 50/50 thing - when I looked at that picture, I knew this was coming unless you decided not to bring it up :)

I'll go do some measuring and estimate the leading edge -but some of the difference in geometry is intentional (where I can make it so) and some is not (where the cap iron won't allow it as it's designed).

50/50 meaning that yes, there's a whole lot less "there" for the ward cap iron above the initial contact point, but the other 50% is that the butcher cap iron is pretty much just honed and polished and that puts it way above where I'd want it to be.

For some types, like the more modern ulmia descendants, the amount of spring is so high that you can't make a cap look like the ward cap - the cap irons are so drastically made and are thinner and then also apply tension due to the spring rather than thickness.


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