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Re: studying edge failure...somewhat obscure

David Weaver
Separate side comment about cap irons. The one on top is a ward cap iron. Long flat primary and smaller final bevel. The one on the bottom is a more round and blunt butcher. Both irons are similar.


The butcher is in one of my own planes and the ward in a nearly unused greenslade plane. Same width and about the same weight, but the ward cap is much easier through a heavy cut. Tearout prevention is similar. Mathieson caps are similar. These are some of the early all steel caps after they switched from wrought. As time went on, caps got more sprung. Same thing happened with Norris planes, they started like this and then became much more blunt.

This only really matters in making tighter plane fitting and especially in taking heavy shavings trying jacked wood.

The greenslade plane is a couple of degrees steeper than mine, too...bed angle, that is.

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