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David Weaver
never hurts to try is still my view on it. If you asked anyone if you can just heat XHP and dip it and put it in the oven and come up with a good iron, most folks answer no (that was advice I got quietly by email "there are places that will do that for you, just send it to them and don't ruin it").

The fact that it hardens so easily is really the biggest threat, i think - forging quickly with limited heats can probably mitigate much of the chromium migration issue.

I did do one iron where I left the iron in the heat some longer chasing a slightly hotter color to see if the iron would turn out better, and some of the chromium move somehow. On the back of the iron where the hottest heat was, a pool of what felt like chromium formed (it polished differently than the rest of the iron) and the iron isn't as good as the ones that just got a quick heat. I could see the pooling when the iron was hot and hoped it would go away, but it was very prominent once the iron cooled, almost looking like a spot of plated metal on top of the iron.

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