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follow-up post on the cheap cbn wheel

David Weaver
Last year, I reported that I was going to buy one of the generic CBN wheels off of ebay. They're not aluminum as far as I can tell, they're straight across (no special edge profiles or abrasive on the sides) and about $45 shipped, sometimes more sometimes less - I only see them for about $60 on ebay right now.

The design is very much like the spartan from WTW, but the arbor hole is 25mm on mine, which means I needed to make a bushing (so will anyone else). The inexpensive wheels in the US (about $100-$110) seem to be mostly or only for 8" grinders, and I have a 6".

Being that this was a "temporary" experience, I turned a wooden bushing that's close to perfect, but isn't perfect. the idea of buying a bushing and having it shipped seems like it cancels out some of the economy, but to some extent, I'm splitting hairs.

So far in fairly heavy use (including primary bevel work on new irons) the cheap wheel is fine. I miss the radius edge that was on my "good" wheel that came from WTW several years ago (their radius edge wheel) and my bushing of wood is slightly less accurate. The radius edge is nice to have as it allows for tidier grinding of kamisori, and it does make some things in spot grinding a wider bevel a little easier.

All in all, I'd buy the WTW wheel again for $125 (I think the regular price is $149, though, and not sure about shipping and tax).

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