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Re: Carpenter XHP - I'm a believer

David Weaver
It would seem to be the same or similar steel, but not necessarily both coming from the same place (i.e., I remember Patrick Chase mentioning that the patent is expired on V11, so it can be made elsewhere, and I think he had someone xray fluoresce a sample or at least said he did - I wasn't smart enough to figure out exactly what he was saying at the time, and my experience with most other exotic steels was that they offered trades I didn't really want as a user of natural stones).

I get my stock from a place called SB metals (who has some kind of affiliation with carpenter), but their internet stock is only available in one thickness (ground 3/32, or pre-ground of the same at .1 or so - which would be a bad idea for a shade tree garage toolmaker working metal almost without power tools).

It's nice of Wiley and Jim to make nice comments, but they're equally generous (plus some), and the fact that the irons that I make even work has to do with how good the steel itself is, as I don't follow most parts of the heat treatment instructions (I can't - just heating fast and hot in open atmosphere and quenching in oil).

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