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Carpenter XHP - I'm a believer

Jim Matthews
Thanks to David Weaver I'm a believer in this powdered stainless steel formulation.

Anyone on the fence about commercial versions of this stuff should consider at least trying it if there's a favorite plane in need of fresh iron.

It's undeniably tough, surprisingly keen and stays sharp far longer than my favorite mid-1970s oil quenched blades.

I'm in the midst of building a matched pair of subwoofers the size of dorm refrigerators: *lots* of trying and fitting panels that must be square to seal.

I have a lovely little smoother with a replacement XHP blade (single iron bedded around 45 degrees) that has sorted the entire first build (1.5 sheets 4x8 half inch 7 ply) and is still sharp enough to slice paper.

The confirmation case just arrived as a replacement iron in my ECE jack plane.
This is a double iron setup. Oak, Cherry, even Tupelo (interlocking and soft) are a breeze.

Carpenter and Veritas have a winner for our application in this stuff.

Kudos to DW for making this possible.

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