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John in NM
Two actually.

Holes for the pin can be repurposed for a machine screw - smaller than the 1/4" (?) pin. Screw captures the flat sided cross bar and holds it in place. Trouble is it's a bit hard to set up, you need to make bushings to go in the holes, one countersunk for the screw head, the other threaded for the screw on the other side. Cross bar itself is relatively easy, drill the hole first then sneak up on the shape required by planing away material using the hole as your reference. Not so easy with power tools though, never found them good for sneaking up on anything, belt sander maybe.

Second fix would be to use the pin as is, and make a flat sided cross bar to go around it. Carefully drill 2-3 cross pin holes to keep the two together and install roll pins (small ones, anything under 1/8") once the cross bar is assembled in the plane. Probably best to get the roll pins started with a few light taps, then use a small C-clamp to press them in place.

Two more just occurred to me - super easy, file a flat on the brass pin. Won't need to be huge with a lignum wedge.

Or drill and tap the pin for tiny screws in a line where you want the flat to be, then screw on a flat piece of brass. That one is a bit harder to pull off, since you need to be able to drill and tap for screws and the pin needs to be loose enough already to rotate significantly once the flat piece is screwed on.

That is a nice plane Glen, keep after it :D

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