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OT - DE Razor shaving

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Here’s a topic that David may find interesting. Others too, I hope.

I’ve shaved with a DE (double edge) razor for many years. Started with one, spent a decade or two with a twin blade Gillette Sensor (which is a nice razor - light and nimble), before returning to a DE razor a good number of decades ago now. My choice of absolute best, which I have used for many years now, is a Japanese Feather razor.

I have also used, and enjoy switching to on occasions, vintage DE razors, such as a Gillette SS (I have a classic 1942 model). Also more modern razors, such as by Merkur. Trying different razors is a hobby for some (not one of mine, though).

The blades I like best are also by Feather.

Now here is the interesting part: the reason I mention these DE razors is that they are all excellent. Mostly, a blade lasts me about 5-7 days with one of the alternatives. However, when I use the Feather razor, I get double the amount of shaving from one. In fact, I can take a blade from one of the other razors, when it is starting to feel gritty, place it in the Feather razor, and it transforms into a different - sharp - beast.

The Feather razor has an excellent reputation (they are quite expensive), but that does not explain the difference in blade longevity. Any thoughts?

Regards from Perth


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