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Re: forgot to reply to this!!

David Weaver
I haven't seen the commercial, but there's an intersection almost between the drug makers and the small boutique makers. The videos are fluff.

I saw a video last week of a boutique guitar maker making a $6000 les paul copy (well, plus whatever options were in the guitar). The guitar is obviously CNC carved, but the guy is standing in a near empty shop with a drill press behind him and he's sanding it.

There must be a commercial or ad agency person who just loves sanding because they know what it is. I suppose realistic scenes aren't fun for commercials (like the person in yours waving off a grandkid because they have side effects that make them irritable, or the boutique guitar guy buying nearly completed parts from the CNC shop that's carving the tops for him for a low price).

This was a dandy from years ago (I know you don't watch videos, but I'll summarize). It was an "amish electric heater" that they drone on about in the infomercial. They show some "amish" people (who somehow don't have a problem with cameras) pushing a plane across finished pieces and then doing other malarkey in the background in a supposed amish factory (it's a barn, and what's going on in the background is bizarre...but they forgot to sand as far as the few parts i watched).


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