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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Bill, I may have a solution. It is along the lines of David's comments.

I have a photo of planing a panel in 2013 with a high angle single iron plane (Veritas Bevel Up Smoother). The wood is Curly Marri, which is pretty hard, but extremely interlocked with constant reversals. I commented at the time, "The grain switches back-and-forth".

All was going well ...

Then, without warning, this might occur ...

At that time, when the high angles did not work, out came the scraper ...

Fast forward to the project-just-completed.

The wood is Fiddleback (Curly) Jarrah, which is just as interlocked as that Marri. The drawer faces need to be planed, and they are as much at-risk for tearing out.

You can get a glimpse of it here ..

This time the plane is a bevel down Veritas Custom Smoother with a 42 degree frog. The chipbreaker is set close, and the shaving is deliberately fine. The shavings still straighten (rather than curl), although they lack the strength to stand up.

These shallow shavings do not allow the chip to lift, and the closed up chipbreaker forces it down as well. One can be confident, in wood like this, that the result will be a tear-free, polished surface.

Regards from Perth


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