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David Weaver
I haven't ruled it out, just stating that he will have a feel for what's sharp and what's not.

I would be surprised if he hasn't sharpened edges as good as the one I've sent him, but your message about show surfaces is important for anyone planing a show surface. It's more often defects that spoil the surface than sharpness (for anyone who sharpens reasonably often). Some of this depends on how bright the finish and how good your eyes are (and what you consider enough evidence that a plane passed over the surface to be a problem).

But this is, again, a case where the XHP iron is different from something like A2. A2 tends not to last through clear planing footage as long as O1, even though it can outwear it in a test. XHP tends to take defects on the same things that carbon steel does (at about the same frequency, seemingly).

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