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David Weaver
Bill has received an iron from me, sharpened. I sharpened it well, and beyond the level of sharpness possible with natural stones. I rarely actually do that for regular work, but using the abrasives that bill has on hand, this isn't hard to do. As much as I like natural stones, he shouldn't have trouble bettering the edge from them.

In this case, we're talking about two different problems.

First - the stainless iron (presumably XHP). It's equal to or better than any carbon steel iron that I have ever bought or made with one exception - it grinds more slowly. It is sharper at every footage planed vs. carbon steel and the surface brightness (planing resistance, pull into the wood) is at least as good at double the footage of the best carbon steel irons. It's not similar to any other alloyed iron I've tried. It's not the problem here.

Second, the sharpness - bill can advise if he resharpens.

I've run into wood that didn't plane well twice that I can recall, but it wasn't the same issue as bill's having. In both cases, it was quartered wood with very hard early wood and very dry powdery latewood (one was quartered cocobolo, which is notorious for having very hard early wood and should be notorious for very soft latewood that dries to a fragile dusty and poor wearing surface).

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