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Jim Matthews
I lack sufficient skills to anticipate this, and often find it in local Walnut and Yellow pine.

If you're like me, these always appear front and center of the "show" face.

My first approach to taming this is to "wet" the undulation with tap water and try a lighter shaving. My second approach is to use a small Bahco carbide scraper under bright lighting.

Those have three sharp corners and can leave gouges *DAMHIKT*.

If those fail, I finish the rest of the board and apply blackened epoxy to the offending blemish and polish it before applying finish. I use Waterlox or Watco to good effect over epoxy.

If each finish layer is buffed progressively finer with a non woven pad, such as Mirlon.

Bob van Dyke demonstrated this to my class, and it has saved two of my projects.

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