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Planing an assembled case

David Weaver
Link has the pictures.

I don't think I've ever done this the same way twice. Each case half (top and bottom) is 29 inches wide and about 37 inches .


In this case, the width is okay for me to lay over my saw bench with cardboard on top and butt the bottom against the leg vise. It's not held down or clamped, but I can step on the inside and lean against it.

The wood on one side is horrible, worm trail and all, but that sits right against a wall. I'll clean it out and fill it later. The top is knotty, but will not be seen by anyone not named bol.

Process is the same as anything else except I want to get the planing done in one direction. Knock the high side off with a jointer, then smooth with a brisk shaving, then a fine shaving. I will probably sand this to prep it for stain, anyway.

It'll get top moulding, doors and tongue and groove back.

The bottom will be a deeper version of the same set in a heavy base.

This case was disappointingly out of flat on the one side, but the point of this is that there's no one way to do this. Just find something that works each time and protect the work.

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