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The reason this guitar went out of stock...
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Some of George's Old Work ()

David Weaver
...so quickly is because I bought it.

I have some of george's work if you nail me down to it (some lever cap screws, a roughed lever cap), but I never wanted to badger george for a guitar, nor did I really want to pay what he charges (which is perfectly fair if you're a buyer of boutique guitars - I just am into making them now).

I thought it would be interesting to faff with something different. I expected an odd sounding little guitar that was kind of shallow and anemic, and the only thing that's true is that the guitar is small and odd.

It is made fantastically well, cypress (quartered) in strips with mahogany between and some kind of tape over the joints on the inside of the guitar. It's very light, has a very thin french polish, is still straight and is extremely loud for its size with much more bass than I expected.

George remembered a little bit about it. The pegs are some kind of boxwood-ish type wood from mexico or central america and george mentioned that while he was at CW, he built an auto-lathe that could run in the background and automatically make one of these pegs in 20 minutes. Including cutting the button flat. What I'd assumed would be a gadget guitar turns out to be completely enjoyable to play, and the construction is a good lesson in what you can do if you have the means and aren't tied to industrial process.

I talk to george fairly often. He didn't remember this guitar at first as they made them in quantity at CW, but then he at least remembered the type and filled in the blanks. He asked if it had his label in it, and I said "yes". He said the price in 1977 from the museum was about the same nominally as the price now, the 6 strings are not historically accurate, but nobody would buy the guitar with (i think it was 5) pairs of strings as they were historically, because nobody would know how to play it. I told him what they asked for the price, and he sent me a text that said "SUCKER!!".

i told him I thought the price was low, and that the guy at elderly told me only the ones made by marcus are really worth anything. :b

(of course, nobody said that at elderly music :) )

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