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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I'm offended :)

I bought it back in the day when old hand planes were selling for big bucks. It was without handle and other problems, but still not cheap. Had friend in machine shop flat grind the bottom. I went through several planes of different sizes makes and models thinking I needed a heavier plane, shorter plane, higher angle plane, etc. What I really needed was Kees and Weaver to show the way with hand planes. This one won the day. It just feels right.

If someone had told me even two years ago that I should hand plane a drawer face with this much work in it I would have chased them out of the shop. Thank you David.

I dashed out a handle to get it useable. Like much else I never returned to make a better one. So much to learn; so much to make. Good enough becomes the end of the journey.

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