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Finishing up the berries *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I am proud of the invention shown in the picture. It is a template for making centers of the berry clusters. I prepared it by scratching 3 near tangent circles on clear plastic with a divider.

Berries look best when their position relative to one another in the cluster is not rigidly uniform. On the other hand deciding where to locate the centers for drilling is difficult if done with no guidance. I invented the template to aid this step. The template is positioned at the end of the string segments to achieve an attractive orientation of the cluster and the centers pricked with the tool in the picture.

When it comes time to drill the holes with a spur bit I purposely locate the tip slightly off-center of the hole for some centers. Because of potential overlap one berry hole at a time is drilled and its berry installed before drilling the next hole

The berries are glued in and the whole affair planed smooth.

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