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New spokeshave *PIC*

Jack Guzman from Maine
Years ago before I started building chairs I bought a spokeshave kit from Dave's Shaves. I built a shave with a piece of maple and used a brass wear plate. The kit came with instructions and a hock blade with screws. The shave worked but I never liked it so it sat on a shelf for years. I use boggs brass shaves when shaping spindles. I have been looking at LVs large spokeshave for help in shaping chair seats but the price has held me back. Recently Fine Woodworking printed an article on building a spokeshave using the same blade I have in my Dave's shave. I got a piece of Walnut and decided to make a 14" long spokeshave. I used boxwood for the wear plate. I used it for the first time today on a chair seat and it works great. The picture shows the new shave as well as the body of the original.

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